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Hadar Frank Kadmon

Hadar Frank Kadmon

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Established in 1999 by Hadar Frank-Kadmon, the firm specializes in office planning and the design of working spaces, for Israeli and global companies in Israel and abroad. Hadar earned her master’s degree in architecture and urban planning from Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen, Scotland.

Twenty years ago, I was hired to plan offices for a high-tech company and fell in love! I was captivated. By the pace, scope, and scale; with the patchwork, the many system combinations, endless possibilities; abundance of materials to communicate a vision, the diversity of companies, varied audiences, and the complex planning it all requires. Ever since, I have been working with Israeli and global companies locally and overseas.


I believe that planning and designing an office is a sensitive and complex mission that affects not only people’s work environments but also their everyday life. Each company has a unique DNA and design vision it wants to express and communicate. The challenge is to combine and balance between planning, design, and the practical aspects. Working with multinational companies in which cultural differences are inherent, accentuates how important it is to listen and be accurate. My receptivity and listening have taught me how to identify the real need, as well as drive me to research and find the best solution that meets my clients’ specifications. These abilities eventually led to the servicing of my clients in their overseas projects, which includes paying close attention to budgets and schedules.


I’m an architect. That’s what I dreamt, learnt and what drives me. I make it a point to be involved in every little detail throughout the process.

To accurately meet the specific needs of a company, I believe in reciprocity and personally being involved. That is, putting together the programme, thinking ahead, combining the best fitting materials and implementing breakthrough technologies that conform with company needs to the right extent. To achieve these goals and provide the level of accuracy and service I believe in; I limit the number of projects I work on simultaneously.

I take great pride in the personal and sustainable relationships we have built and maintained over the years with our clients, relationships that have led to the planning of their overseas projects.

It was a strategic decision to be exclusive. To choose quality over quantity. Limiting the number of projects to no more than a few, per year, allows for high engagement in each project and personal consulting every step of the way. The company and my firm evenly share projects’ success.

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Hadar Frank Kadmon
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