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Learning and understanding my clients’ needs, I established a department dedicated to services that respond to the everyday, ongoing architectural needs. The department houses all the knowledge and knowhow we have accumulated along the way. 

Planning Based on an Hourly Fee

This service is an excellent solution for all those important and quite often urgent changes or additions that cannot be defined as a project, but still need to be handled and carried out in the most professional way, including examination of alternatives, felicity, or costs.

Architectural Branding

Over the past few years the demand for architectural branding is on the rise. Today, organizational change comes along with the demand to harness design and convey the message across spaces in meeting rooms, hallways, and cafeterias. Understanding that delivering messages across spaces is different from conveying them using two-dimensional visual media, we excel in formulating these messages, unifying the language, and transforming them across dimensions - from a sheet of paper, or screen into a space; blending a three-dimensional architectural insight into the upgraded space that communicates a message.

Consultation for Projects Abroad

We offer consulting services to companies building or renting properties overseas. Standards abroad are different from Israeli standards, and therefore when working on these projects, together with understanding the language and mentality one must also understand the architectural language – namely, to ensure planning meets company needs. We work with our clients, guide and direct them, and make sure the local architect integrates and translates clients’ messages into the plans and design, orders the right materials, and matches the furniture as required. Additionally, we review orders and advise in supplier selection processes.


Architectural Supervision -

Choosing Property and Defining Design Documentation 

Advising clients along the process of choosing their next property is another service developed following a need identified. We make it a point that our client had defined, and carefully examined the entirety of needs and requirements, even before setting off in search of the property. Preparing for this process saves a great deal of time, money, and aggravation.

Offering our clients a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for architecture and design services, combined with our long term professional consulting, the department for complimentary services boosts the planning array and provides unmatched added value.
Hadar Frank Kadmon
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