While discussing the inspiration for this project, we were drawn to the brand’s colors. 

The red and yellow stood out to us, specifically in its elegance and compatibility for a long standing and leading company in this field. 

The design walks the user through the entirety of the project whether it is in the " Red or Yellow boxes" used as phone booths, the coffee spots designed in red or yellow, the working station, etc. 

You simply can not miss the fact that these are DHL offices.



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MIMECAST's offices in Israel are a combination of the international vision of the company that defines the standards and the needs, and of the Israeli dynamic, young spirit.

The office was divided to 2 central areas- the collaborating area where we placed the social meeting zone, and the working area where the open working space meeting rooms and the phone booths were placed.

The combination between them both created the balance and the harmony that made a dynamic, warm and welcoming office.